Testimonials are referring to the Hemp Pain Relief Salve unless otherwise noted

"After starting your product, (my son) was able to get through a half day of school with no migraines. This was HUGE!
Then, his Charlotte's Web CBD oil came in and we added that as well. Now, he's gone 5 days with NO headaches! If he has one coming on, I put more liniment on him and it stops it. Cannabis is AMAZING!! - C.J. 9/16/16 Using Old-Timey Hemp Liniment on her sons temples, forehead, and neck

"First of all, I'm sitting here not believing my eyes......or, in reality, my hands!
I have arthritis in my hands; not bad, just enough to annoy the life out of you.
And, here I am sitting here with your Hemp Pain Relief Salve that I received today
seeping into what were my poor sore hands. Only now they are not quite so sore.
It's incredible. A miracle. Maybe I'm imagining it. I hope not! We shall see. But, for
now, I am just happy.
I'm slathering it on my feet and knees next!
Thank you very much for all your good work" - D.P. 10/22/16

"I have another convert for you. My friend was complaining about his knee, & I had him try some. (His wife had told him about it before & of course, no way). Anyway, I asked if it was feeling better, & he realized that it wasn't hurting. (Just like my sister). His wife said she was putting in an order. I told her to get both the lineament & the cream. the lineament works the best, but in some places the cream is easier to apply. I gave him some to use until he received his order. Nothing works as well or as rapidly as the lineament does on a cramp!" - M. L. 12/12/16

"I found you on Etsy a few months ago and ordered your pain relief salve which has helped me more than I had imagined possible. I have a hole in my disc in the L4/L5 space of my lower back. And now I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I recently reordered and it eases my anxiety about my pain to know there is relief on its way! But the reason to contact you is share how the salve has helped my little one. She has a wart on her toe and I had ran out of Compound W, so I dabbed a generous amount of the salve on her toe and covered it with a bandaid. By evening, it had shrunk to half the size! I have read about the healing properties of hemp, but to see it work in such a short time was a huge surprise! Thank you for making such a quality product (and for helping my pain, too)!  I appreciate all you put in to creating such a great product." - Becca H. 3/2/16

"I can't tell you the relief this brings to my Fibro. I've used several different salves and this is by far the best. Not much of a odor so perfect for all day use but let me tell you the power is there !!!.This salve has perfection written all over it. I've spent hundreds of dollars looking for a product that would take away the achey muscles. I promise this will work. The sale is a soft salve which makes for a much easier application you can cover a huge area with a small amount. Please contact me if you have any hesitation. This product is the best out there. Thank you so much this had to take years to reach such perfection :) Ohhh and as an added bonus I put this on my face for the awful burning rash I get....GONE. AMAZING. I can't tell you the happiness I feel !!!!!" - Lacie Aguilar 9/25/2015

"Nice to find CBD in a non oily liniment. Packaging was terrific & delivery very fast. All CBD products bring me relief from muscle pain & tendinitis, including this one." -W.R. 9/8/2015 about Old-Timey Hemp Liniment

"My daughter's been espousing the wonders of this salve, and I have to say she's right! I Have deep pain in my feet I thought only warm soaks would help and right now I'm writing this pain free! Thank You!!! The bonus container will travel with my son to Big Sur. Everyone should appreciate the benefits of your salve! Thanks again." -S.C. 9/20/2015

"5 stars all the way! Best stuff on the market (I've tried others in the past, but just keep coming back here!) Amy is the best! She offers excellent customer service, speedy shipping, and a wonderful, effective product at a reasonable price! Whether I am suffering from my Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, or the pinched nerves in my neck, this stuff does the trick! It even works well on my Sciatica pain! God bless you Amy, for the wonderful work you do for pain relief! This cream is highly recommended!!! Thanks so much!!! - D. 9/24/2015

"This salve really helps the pain I feel in my hands/wrists/arms that I experience daily. It's a lifesaver as I am an artist by profession and use my hands constantly. Thank you for making this awesome product! (It really makes my skin shine, too!) - S.C. 9/24/2015

"Love this. I used it on a fresh tattoo to help with healing/scabbing and it's great! My skin is so moist after using!" -S.C. 9/24/2015 about Arnica Infused Hemp Oil

"I have very sensitive skin on my face and I can't use most conventional skin/face products. I absolutely love this cream; it's all natural, so I haven't had any flare ups or skin reactions at all. It's super moisturizing and soothing. It has a cooling effect on my roseaca around my nose which is just awesome, so if you suffer from that skin affliction it's a bonus. Thank you so much, as always, for your amazing products!" - S.C. 9/24/2015 about Canna-Beauty Skin Cream

"This stuff is really wonderful for my fibromyalgia and sciatica pain! Everything about this company and their product is 5 stars!!! Excellent communication, superb customer service, and super-speedy shipping. I could not ask for any better!!! Thank you again, Amy, for producing this salve! It really helps me with my chronic pain issues. Also, thanks so much for the extra sample container you threw in with my order! God bless you and the wonderful work that you do!!!" -D. 7/9/2015

  "I suffered a neck injury in 2014. The pain is the source of my migraines, but nothing has worked to sooth it. No medications or patches, but this stuff made it feel alright! Even better, it came with an awesome mini sample. The 1 Oz is the PERFECT size to fit casually in my purse so I can rub it on my neck at work or on the go. Also, a little goes a LONG way." -R. 7/7/2015

"Oh my, my, my! I love this Salve! I have 4 bulging disk...cervical and lumbar. Ouch:(! Many doctors and medications later, at best they mask the pain. I am not saying this has " cured" the issues but I am saying from the texture, to the smell, to the relief I ACTUALLY feel from it, that I am a permanent customer. I cant wait to buy more for my family to try! Thanks, Amy! :)" - T. 6/20/2015

"I've tried other very wonderful hemp salves, but this one might take the cake! I love the addition of the magnesium oil. The combination of other pain relieving herbs and mag oil helps with muscle and joint pain. The consistency is nice and smooth even after the salve has been in warmer temperatures. It is a great purchase." -C. 7/12/2015

"Great communication from the seller, Amy. She went above and beyond to accommodate my order! This salve has an amazing texture. At first when I saw how small the containers were I was worried, but after using it I realized that a little bit goes quite a long way. The smell is great and it really seems to help with pain. I had a terrible neck ache the morning it arrived and it took care of it, pretty amazing because Tylenol and Advil combined didn't help at all. Thanks so much :)" -M. 6/26/2015

"Item arrived very quick.the sample that also was sent was very nice of the seller to do :) works great!id like to take a bath in it and let it works it's magic....I have R.A.in my knee from a prior work accident and helps tremendously.I for sure recommend this product and will be a returning customer!the personal note explaining the product was nice.and also the personal thank you email was truly appreciated!" -A. 6/18/2015

"The first product, including countless prescription drugs, ointments, patches, etc., that helped my husband's chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. We will be repeat customers." -M. 6/15/2015

"A miracle! I know if you are reading this you may be apprehensive but it is worth every penny. Not only is this shop owner totally down to earth and sweat but she really cares about her customers. I have used this for tumor pain and already notice a difference. My mom with fibro says it is a lifesaver!!" - K.L. 8/7/2015

"I actually turned to my boyfriend and said "This could be life changing for me". I wouldn't say I was ever skeptical.. but I don't think I knew exactly to expect until I tried it out. It was silky and really decreased my pain faster than expected. I appreciated all the literature as well attached with more info around the topic. The mini I got as a little freebie was very cute, I put it right away in my makeup bag. As a person who suffers from chronic migraines and pain.. this is a really lovely surprise. If it works on menstrual swelled boobs - it is good in my book. Lol. Would recommend for sure - especially if you are on the fence! Thanks again!" - L.M. 4/23/2015

"The product arrived yesterday and I have already used it a few times... This stuff is amazing! I have endometriosis, and have tried every medicine, diet, hormone, accupunrure and even had 6 surgeries, and I am at the end of my options. This product worked so well, I didn't even need pain killers! A first in months! It even helps with my achy joints after a 10 hour shift working on set. I read all the reviews and thought I'd try it and I can't believe how really really effective it is. The seller ships very quickly and also very nice and informative. Order a lot more for myself and others!!" - L.K. 9/4/2015

"My mother has been suffering from the effects of nerve damage after shingles she had 2 years ago.
After the very first night of applying a really thin layer of this salve she was so happy and relieved. She says this salve took about 80% of her pain away. It lasts all night long so she finally can rest at night. Thank you so much and God Bless You!" - Y.D. 8/31/2015

"This is my second order for the Pain Relief Salve. My daughter loves the product. Where as some pain relief products provide quicker relief, the Hemp Salve provides long-lasting relief. The Scented Mint version is pleasant and not overpowering at all. My daughter applies the product liberally on her hamstring and shins. She uses it in conjunction with the Liniment topical when she is in more pain. I am placing my third order. It is an excellent value for its effectiveness." - J.V. 8/31/2015

"I love the salve! I suffer from migraines so on a daily bases I rub the salve where my migraines create the most pain(or stem from). I love how it feels on the skin, smells, and the pain dissipate. I ordered the unscented! The smell itself is calming for me! The seller has great communication as well!" - C.B. 8/26/2015