Q: Will I fail a drug test from using hemp products? 

A: The link below is to an informative article on cannabis topicals and drug tests:


Q: How much CBD do your products contain?

A: Short answer, I don’t know. The reason for this is multi-faceted:

First and foremost, I do not have access to a testing facility. Colorado law prohibits any commercial testing facility from testing homegrown products. 

Second, I know my products are strong. Likely much stronger than most products available now on the market. This is because, uniquely, I grow all the cannabis that I use in my products. I do not have to buy it from someone else. This eliminates a huge markup that would occur from grower to infused product maker. This allows me to use a very generous amount of plant material in each batch of product. I pride myself on making these products the strongest possible. After all, it grows on tress around here...

And, honestly, I'm not overly concerned with finding out the cannabinoid content of my products because it changes frequently. Let me explain:

Each crop of cannabis grown (and each individual plant grown) is variable in its cannabinoid content, even when growing clones of the same plant. Therefore, each batch of product produced will have a variable cannabinoid content. For CBD content numbers to be accurate, those numbers must be from the current batch. Otherwise they are an estimate. Also, there is no reason to even believe such numbers. Check out these two articles that discusses the massive inaccuracies in even the most current testing methods. These articles are very informative and all consumers of cannabis prodcuts need to know this information:



In addition to being unable to access a testing facility in Colorado, these tests are also costly and therefore not practical for the small batch grower and producer. I would have to test several batches a month, which would cost several hundred dollars and I'd have to pass that cost on to you.

My products are homemade, whole-plant products made from genetically superior cannabis plants grown to their full potential. I use primarily the flowers of the plant, but also include some leaves, stems, and seeds. This is because although the majority of the plants active compounds (cannabinoids) are concentrated in the flowers, there are different percentages of these, as well as, different active compounds (terpenes, fatty acids) present in the other plant parts. Many “CBD only” products are derived exclusively from the stems of industrial hemp plants and lack the full spectrum of active compounds necessary for the best medicinal effects.

Overall, I'm more concerned with making my products with a huge dose of plant material and including a variety of strong strains to ensure a diverse cannabinoid profile.

More important info to consider:

Cannabinoids don't work as well when they are isolated. Stand alone synthetics are even less effective. Doctors and scientists have found that natural CBD works best when there is also some THC present. They have dubbed this the "entourage effect." That is why whole plant cannabis is so important for consumers.

So, the genetic quality of the cannabis used and how much cannabis is used per product should be your concern when shopping for a cannabis product. Be very wary of high "CBD only" products. 

Don't believe anyone's CBD or other cannabinoid numbers unless they can show you gas chromatography test results from the current batch.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: I usually ship within 1-2 days from when I recieve your order. Occasionally, I am finishing up a new batch of product and there may be a 3 or 4 day delay. I will send notice to you if your order will be delayed any more than 4 days. I will also send notice if I am going to be out-of-town and unavailable to ship for more than 4 days. Feel free at anytime to contact me if you are concerned about shipping time, or need a shipment rushed.